and how to use it

*Please note: when using Gold powder or shell Gold and burnishing is required, USE AN AGATE BURNISHER ONLY.  All true Hematite stones contain Sulphur.  Sulpher coming into contact with an acid, (Gum arabic) will oxidize Gold.  Turning the gilded object black

 Powdered Gold once prepared is acidic as well.  I would be cautious about using any Hematite  stone for  direct burnishing . Through a glassine is fine. 
I enjoy using Dauvets Gold powder because of its warm appearance and ease of use. The particles of powder  work in a suspension that flows easily  through most nibs including quill feathers and ruling pens

Gold powder can be burnished, unburnished or a combination of both. Shell Gold and powdered Gold can be tooled with a pointed Agate burnisher, pointed stick or stylus.

 Powdered Gold shines brighter on a hot press watercolor paper or smooth bristol. Parchment & Vellum are ideal.


  Using Gold powder or shell Gold allows direct burnishing  as a form of flat gilding.  $ 45.00 for lipstick or imported pointed shaped agates.
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